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  • Inexpensive "Enzymatic Process"- The first commercial, patent-protected "Enzymatic Technology" for the production of > 99% pure biodiesel, using any grade oil feedstock of FFA in the range of 0-100%

  • Enzyme can convert any oil to biodiesel- Crude & refined oil, UCO, PFAD, Castor, Brown Grease, Jatropha & Algal Oil are converted to Biodiesel using Enzymes

  • Cost effective- Enzymatic process is simple, safe and inexpensive which can be completed within 6 hours. One ton of biocatalyst can make>3000tons

  • Immobilized Enzymes- The enzyme has demonstrated over 300 cycles which translate into a cost of <5 cents

  • Save equipment costs- Share infrastructure (Electricity, Steam, waste treatment etc., less storage tanks for feedstock- delivered daily and directly)

  • Maximize income for WTP- Maximize the potential income of WTP (Waste Treatment plant)

  • Convert Waste Oil to Energy- instead of using anaerobic/incineration processes for such wastes

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