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SynergyGPM’s Marketing and Business Development Services to West Africa and Central European countries


SynergyGPM supplies business development services and project management to Israeli companies.

The group has decades of experience in marketing, planning and executing projects in the fields of security (HLS), cyber and water treatment.

Marketing and business development for Israeli companies are carried out in West Africa and Central Europe. In each country where our group is active, there are collaborations with local distributors / partners, and together they work to achieve projects.

SynergyGPM has extensive experience in West Africa, and all members of the Group have worked in Africa in the past. Our team is familiar with the business culture there and specialize in penetrating new markets in the region.

SynergyGPM focuses on marketing unique Israeli technologies in the various countries.

The Group consists of engineers and business development personnel; the collaboration with Israeli suppliers / manufacturers is on two levels:

A. Marketing, Sales & Business Development:

Israeli suppliers / manufacturers who want to penetrate West Africa and Central Europe or to increase their activity there are invited to use SynergyGPM as their marketing team in these regions. Our service includes: traveling to the target markets, contacting local distributors / partners, meeting with End-Users (Government and private sectors), conducting site surveys, submitting proposals and bids, and closing deals.


B. Management and Implementation of Projects:

In the event that an Israeli supplier is interested, SynergyGPM will manage the project or will supply the product for him in West Africa or Central Europe.

Our solution will include:

Final site survey at the customer's site prior to installation or supply; detailed Gantt chart preparation for the project; import of the products (in cooperation with the local partner/Distributor), supply and installation, integration with existing systems, training for the End-User and annual maintenance service after completion of the project.

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