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Mr Goren managing International companies in Israel and abroad since 2009.   

Goren has more than 15 years of professional experience in business development and international marketing in the fields of Home land security, Defense and Water & Waste treatment. 

Goren has technical experience includes technical site surveys, feasibility studies and implementation of global projects.

Goren was responsible for fund raising for large scale projects.

Goren holds E.M.B.A from Kellogg school of management. 

Zeev Foigel

Technical Manager

Mr. Foigel holds Computers & Electronics  B.Sc. degree from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Foigel has more than 20 years experience in project management, training and sales of security projects in various fields (Security Infrastructure, tracking & fleet management and Cyber security)  in different countries including Israel, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Gilad Margolin

Products manager

Mr. Margolin  holds B.Sc. in Software Engineering from Ben Gurion University. 

Margolin led product management teams in top Israeli firms.

Margolin specializes in Integrating  advanced  innovative multi-disciplinary systems interacting with hardware, software, robotics, physics, optics and algorithms. Margolin is responsible for the advanced integration needed in SynergyGPM's sites.

Natan Zur

Head of department - Water treatment

Mr. Zur has 18 years of experience in managing water projects around the world including feasibilities studies, site surveys, design and implementation. 

Zur managed projects in the following countries: Israel, South Africa, Mexico, Ghana, Guinea, Australia, Turkey, Italia, Peru, Venezuela, Angola, Chile, Serbia.

His duties include mechanical engineering, design of equipment, buildings, concrete surfaces, roads, fences, electrical connection, water supply and drains.

Tidhar Tsuri

Business development manager- Water treatment

Mr. Tsuri has been engaged in the fields of IT, Cyber, water and management for about 15 years. 

Tsuri is strategic and result-oriented Business development Manager with years of experience.

Tsuri leading the development and management of embedded product from research through development, maintaining thorough knowledge of product features, various programming platforms, developing marketing/promotional strategies, and following through to ensure success.

Tsuri holds BSc in Mathematics and computer sciences from Ben-Gurion university. 

Hanoch Benayahu

Head of department- waste management

Mr. Benayahu holds B.Sc. In Chemical Engineering from the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology. In addition, Benayahu holds M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Ben Gurion University and PMP from PMI.

Benayahu has more than 40 years of experience in the following subjects:

Phosphate and Ammonia fertilizer and Bromine compounds. Inorganic waste Stabilization and Solidification. Treatment technologies for Hazardous waste. Waste recycling. Used car oil filter and tire. solid organic waste.

Benayahu was the manager for the biggest Hazardous waste treatment plant in Israel for 14 years.

Benayahu managed large projects(>$30m).

Gabriel Shoval

Security Advisor

Mr. Shoval has more than 30 years experience in the field of security.

Shoval is expert in security management and key solutions. Shoval served for 24 years in the Israeli Police Force and after retirement served as a security consultant in various countries. Shoval served in the IDF intelligence corp. for 10 years.

Shoval holds M.A  Degree majoring in Applied-Research Criminology from the university of Bar-Ilan. 

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